About Us

 For over 12 years now, contemporary Maori artist Uenuku, has been fusing inspiration from unique and original designs, with his love for indigenous art from around the globe, to deliver some of the finest contemporary sculpture ever seen. This self-taught artist claims he is "merely scratching the surface of a whole world of design"

Mamaku or Black Ponga is found in many different parts of the world, but grows to immence sizes here in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Even after being carved, the Mamaku lasts for decades in the right environment and slowly but surely, continues to grow its own character.  Ue also carves works into Native wood, Stone and Tatoo.

These unique works of art capture the essence of 'Ue' design into a medium relatively un-explored by the art world. Through his passion for family and friends, Uenuku believes his 'Taonga' (treasured gifts) inspire 'Mauri Ora' (a state of well-being) for all who are lucky enough to witness their own piece of Uenuku.

Regularly attending weekend markets, garden and outdoor events is where you will find him carving live with many of his sculptures on display. You'll also find Uenuku's work at selected exhibitions and galleries throughout Aotearoa.

Personalised works are welcomed by the artist as every piece tells its own story. If you need any help with something unique to treasure or gift, simply, send us your request and get back at you asap! 


If you need any help with..

Garden Sculptures in Ponga or Stone,  21st Keys or Birthday gifts in polished swamp Kauri or Totara,   Sculpted Wallhangings in  Stylized Maori Taonga like 'Mere', 'Taiaha' and 'Patu' in native,   Chainsaw Carving Services,  Carving Demonstrations for Schools & Pre schools,   Workshops in 'Ue' art & sculpture - "NEW",  Computer Aided Design ( Posters, fliers, cards, logo design) - "NEW",   Tatoo design and Ink application, Lettering, Tribal designs, &  any Fix ups or Cover ups - "NEW"